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how, the fuck, did you get your hands on a piece of a WWII airplane and get to paint on it? 
This is the kind of work that makes me want to throw in the towel. 

They keep raising the bar…

TRUSTOCORP is back with a vengeance, BIGGER and BETTER than ever!  

Pics above are by Carlos Gonzalez

1. “OUT OF TOUCH DEEPLY” Spray Paint on Wood 

2. “ISLAMABOT” & “SAVIOR 1000” WINDOW INSTALLATIONS - Arrested Motion / City of Fire Exhibition @ Stephen Webster, Beverly Hills, CA

3. “TRUSTO OLYMPICS” - Wheat pated Billboard at the entrance of the London Pleasure Gardens / Olympics Entrance

For more pics: TrustoCorp’s Photostream

Dear TrustoCorp Santa, (aka Postcards from the Edge)

Thanks for highlighting the hilarity & hypocrisy of human behavior!

XOXO, The General Public

When a guerrilla street art group and the music world collide…

TrustoCorp on Everlast’s ‘I Get By’ Video // Video by Christopher Coots

Months ago, we were contacted by our pal and longtime art supporter Everlast with an offer we couldn’t refuse. He had a new song that needed a music video and he wanted that video to feature TrustoCorp street art. Being an art collector and major supporter of the graffiti and street art community, Eric ‘Everlast’ Schrody knows the power of art and its ability to transcend, uplift and communicate. We appreciate that and more importantly, we loved the song and loved the opportunity to collaborate with a bona fide Hip-Hop legend.

The message of the song is right on time and on point with who we are and what we want to say. We immediately began to plan a raw, street level music video that combined the message of his song with the message of our art.

This song is about struggle, hustle and perseverance against all odds. A message that resonates with many Americans right now. “I Get By” was written with the working class in mind and could be taken as an anthem for their journey. In a similar fashion, much of our politically charged street art is a response to these same issues yet manifested as official looking street signs, fake products or other outdoor advertising. We felt a synchronicity right away with the song, but had to decide how to incorporate Everlast himself into the process. To his credit, he jumped right in. He wanted to be in New York, on the streets, installing art with us no matter the risk. A few days and 7 ski masks later, we were ready to shoot.

To read the rest of this article - Trusto Corp: Trusto Corp On Everlast’s ’I Get By’ Video

Hit link for behind the scenes look - feat. TrustoCorp

To see vid - TrustoCorp’s “Life Cycle” Exhibition @ the Opera Gallery, NYC 
To see more pics from this exhibition - TrustoCorp’s “Life…


To see vid - TrustoCorp’s “Life Cycle” Exhibition @ the Opera Gallery, NYC 

To see more pics from this exhibition - TrustoCorp’s “Life…

TrustoCorp’s “Life Cycle” Art Show @ the Opera Gallery, NYC

One can never have enough Jimi… \m/

"Alright, stop what you’re doin ‘cause I’m about to ruin the image and the style that YOU’RE USED TO…"

TrustoCorp is a New York based artist (or artists) dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire. The Brooklyn-based collective are showcasing their skills with their ‘Life Cycle’ exhibition currently on display at the Opera Gallery, NYC. By modifying classic board games and iconic pop culture references with thoughtful social commentary, they’ve created a tongue-in-cheek political slant that is both comical and compelling.

Make sure you catch this exhibition now running till November 11th @ the Opera Gallery, NYC.

*Installation Piece Pictured Above: “Botched Operation - American Healthcare Edition”

Thanks a lot MTA….YOU SUCK! 

Thanks a lot MTA….YOU SUCK!