Beck - ”Que Onda Guero”

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John Mayer Trio / Try! [Live]

John Mayer Trio - “Gravity”

"And gravity has taken better men than me…now how can that be?  Just keep me where the light is…"

*Charcoal portrait by: Reece Jones

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Who Did You Think I Was
John Mayer Trio / Try! [Live]

John Mayer Trio  - “Who Did You Think I Was”

"I’m a shifter of the shape I’m in…who did you think I was?"

ah, when are you guys comin’ back? 

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Great piece by George Carlin, taken from his comedy special “Life Is Worth Losing” 

"The owners of this country know the truth: It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Food 4 Thought…

Stitched Up
Herbie Hancock feat. John Mayer / Possibilities (2005)


Stitched Up


album: Possibilities (2005)

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Herbie Hancock - “Possibilities”

"I like the word ‘possibilities’. As children we have that sense of ‘anything is possible’, we have that understanding, we’re not jaded. The older we get the more opposive we get, the more frightened we get, the more set in our ways we get… because we’re afraid of the unknown. As a child everything is unknown. What a beautiful place to reside in… where you still have the wonder of a child."

I love this documentary and if you love jazz music I recommend it. Every time I watch it, it always sparks a little hope & inspiration… 

Disconnect - She Wants Revenge