In a small studio tucked away in suburban Atwater Village preparations for the new Dark Dark Science show are underway. Curator Jessicka Addams, known for her musical career with noise-pop band Scarling as well as Jack Off Jill hurriedly prepares for LA MiXTAPE, alongside studio mate Lindsey Way, aka Lyn-Z, the high energy bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence. Collaborating with Dark Dark Science co-founder Brian Wakil, Jessicka has constructed an exhibition that features the absolute best figurative artists of today, such as Tim Biskup, Liz McGrath, Josh Petker, and Mark Ryden, many of whom have been blanketed under the moniker of “Pop Surrealism,” along with some unexpected celebrity artists, such as Fairuza Balk and Frances Bean Cobain. In a city that bursts at the seams with art and music, this exhibition synthesizes the two by creating a virtual mixtape chosen by the participating artists. As I peer around the studio, cluttered with art materials and adorable ephemera I’m taken off guard by a small sculpture representing Jessicka’s musical choice, Elliot Smith’s A Fond Farewell, represented by a sculpture of  a bandaged boy crying tears of rainbow thread in a small landscape vignette with a kitten. He has a faint bleeding heart on his chest. We continue our discussion of  nostalgia, collaboration, and kittens. This interview by Walt! Gorecki”

Rest of article:  L.A. RECORD

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